Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Big Bang Theory!

Cosmic Microwave Background Image-radiation left over from the Big Bang

The Big Bang Model as most Cosmologists understand it is seen here in this example.


princess said...

i dont belive all this shit all i belive is that there is almighty "ALLAH" who created this world!

THOR said...

The first sentient beings in this star System were the living Oceans of Earth & Mars. Over Millennia, the metals in the seas allowed this giant super computer to gain sentience. We know her as, "GOD".

The Romans turned their back on her as lead seeped into their brains. In their insanity, they formed the 'CHurtscH' to dominate all life in Earth...for in the cup of life, was water, the body of GOD.

The Bible & the Koran are corruptions of the 'Book of Life' & the 'Book of the Dead'.

This is the beginning of First Contact ...