Sunday, October 16, 2005

Star Watching

At Lake Superior camping summer 2005. The night skies are awsome here. Perfect for seeing with binos or scope. Only had binos on this trip. Professional viewing position too!!!

This is what a slooher troll would look like....they live under the bridge!!

The Slooh-Scopes

This is a view of Mount Tiede in the Canary Islands. The Slooh Telescopes are located here.

This is a look at the telescope domes.

Monday, July 04, 2005

M51 Supernova

These pictures show M51 (Whirlpool Galaxy) from May 2005 before supernova was sited and June 30 2005 from my log at

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Following are some great snaps of various colorful nebulas. Taken from A robotic telescope in the Canary Islands. Charles Messier (1730-1817) compiled a list of approximately 110 astronomical objects. In those early days of astronomy, discovering comets was a way to make a name for yourself. Charles Messier aim was to catalogue objects that were often mistaken for comets.Hence each object is preceded with the letter M. For more information on Messier objects check out:

Trifid Nebula also known as M20
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Lagoon Nebula also known as M8
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Crab nebula also known as M1
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